Artist Statement: I began my journey into abstraction a few years ago, after painting realism for many years. My work is very much about process. and somehow I am not satisfied unless the work has a history of layers. I am aware that it is the spontaneous and accidental marks that are the most exciting, whether they lend themselves to furthering the composition or create tension in the work. I long for a little disturbance in the overall calm of the composition…an area where the eye wanders that may not go with the rest of the painting and begs me to wonder why. It is important that the piece be visually appealing as well as interesting enough to linger over. I take cues from my internal experience to sense when a painting is complete. Lately, with all the noise in the World, I am enjoying quiet shifts and soft colors in a painting; getting transported by nuances and the grace of being present to what comes. Painting has become a metaphor for living because if I am only willing to scratch the surface and do what is easy, the work will reflect that. An openness to tap into the deep waters of my creative stream will yield something much richer and way more interesting.

About: After many years in the corporate world, Patricia earned her Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and an additional certification for Expressive Arts Therapy. She has also studied with acclaimed abstract artists Sally Cooper, Audrey Phillips, and Nicholas Wilton. Patricia has lead workshops in creative painting at various venues including The Georgian Bay School of Arts and Chautauqua Institute. A Toronto native, childhood vacations were always spent at the beach. A recent move to Palm Beach, FL fulfills a lifelong desire to live and work near the water. The natural beauty of the ocean and its surroundings have had a major impact on Schwimmer’s color palette and expressive brushwork. Her paintings have been featured in numerous publications worldwide including Michelle Cassou and Stewart Cubley’s book "Life, Paint, and Passion." She was recently featured at Art Palm Beach International, the 2016 Designers' Show House in WPB, and in Nantucket Island through JF Art Gallery. Take a peek at the ocean-front condominium featured in the October 2016 issue of "Palm Beach Illustrated" to see an example of the beautiful spaces where her artwork is mentioned. She has been a featured artist at The MAE in Delray Beach, and is currently being represented by R2H Modern in Jupiter, FL.



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